About the Coven
Jasmin – Is a double Scorpio who loves chatting about TV on her other podcast @damnfinetv & is super into all things Astrology – fave Tarot card is The Magician.
Jessie – Loves hosting Tarot meetups with other enthusiasts, Ayurvedic studies, yoga, and hanging with her large crew in the Pacific Northwest – fave Tarot card is The Sun.
Jechanovia – A sovereign Pagan Druid, who loves to wander barefoot through the forest, cuddle baby chickens, and talk Tarot – fave Tarot card is The Empress.
Elena – A Bay Area gal who loves all forms of divination & is on a healing journey through Reiki, empowerment, and spirituality – fave Tarot card is The High Priestess.

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